• Personally I like more space, I have a 500 gb internal HDD, as well as two 500 GB external HDD's. However thats just me, I download a lot and have a huge amount of movies, music, and ebooks. I'd say get 300 gigs if you're going to be storing media on the comp. It's always better to have more and not need it than to need more space and not have it.
  • Depends what you are going to use the computer for - if it is documents/work type stuff 160GB is huge. If you are an avid gamer it is adequate.
  • Depends on what you're using the computer for. Music recording and Video applications use up a lot of hard drive space for every minute of recording time. For those applications, always get the largest hard drive you can get. If the computer won't be used for those purposes, then yes, 160 GB should be just fine for most any other application.
  • Exactly! Dont think they make an HD I cant fill if I really tried :)
  • If it is just for work .. (text files, some images) then it is more than enough.. if it is for games, music and movies then it is small.. imagine you can have only like 20 high blueray quality movies (about 8gb each)

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