• bodys oil and you moved the s or a punk band... you decide!
  • It is that stuff you use the brush to "defoliate" yourself with in the shower. Dirt and dead skin cells.
  • Body soil is that layer of grime built by detritus, sweat and body oils. Usually, this is found after sleeping as a layer of sleep sweat, but is more prevalent among those who seldom bathe and live in their mother's basement surrounded by several pounds of white trash paneling. Attached is a depiction of a typical individual displaying large amounts of body soil. Please note: The bottle on floor is filled with Tinactin, an anti-fungal agent suspended in an aqueous solution.
  • 1-25-2017 "Soil" is a polite term for shit. One third of your body's wastes come out through your skin. that does not mean poop - poop is food that was not digested for one reason or another. Think about fat, just for an example. Fat is made of hydrogen and carbon, so when it burns it turns into CO2 and water, and most of that comes out through your lungs. Liquid wastes come out through the kidneys, and anything else has to come out through sweat glands. But actually I never heard anybody call it "body soil".

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