• You won't meet new people (i.e. women) unless you start placing yourself in situations to meet new people. Start doing new things in different places. Go to places you would not normally go. Sign up for courses, participate in organizations, get involved in your community. Also, inform your friends and family that you are in the market again and allow them to introduce you to women they know.
  • G'day Fargoin, Thank you for your question. I would start going to clubs and being active socially. Letting friends and family know that you are back in the market can help as well. Regards
  • Riddle me this batman...where do all the special woman go? If you say church good luck. Here's your answer, all the gals looking to meet great guys go to all the local fishing holes bars included. I'm not advocating you go but think about it. Gals are very focused. If they go to a gym they want to work out and not get hit on. Yeah they flirt but they're not looking to get laid from a brief encounter at a gym. Work settings are similar. You need to look for them where they go to hunt the special guy in their life. Look for single clubs in your neighborhood as well. Don't rule any place out will ya. P.S. they are not going to come to you so you have to go out looking for them. So get off the couch and go!

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