• G'day Hello, Thank you for your question. No because my boss usually manages to find work for me to do. Regards
  • I had a boss who insisted on hiring 6 new employees. I tried to explain that he was jumping the gun, as none of the projects he was concerned about were finalized or approved, and everything was still speculation. The six employees were hired, and I was responsible to train and manage them. The following 3 months were just ridiculously stressful with people having nothing to do all day, complaining about being bored, asking for work, etc. When I went to my boss for suggestions he had none, other than to have them sit with other people to 'help' them with their projects (which they needed no help with), or find something for them to read. When the projects did start coming in, they were few and far between, and only enough to assign to one or two people to keep them occupied for a day or two. It was just the most ridiculous and awkward situation you could ever imagine.
  • yes and anyone who says no is lying!
  • Yes, so I try to look busy so I don't get given some annoying busywork to do.
  • No. A good manager knows when you are doing that (even if you think they don't). The worst thing you can do is pretend your busy when you are not. Eventually someone will come along that gets the job done quicker. Your manager may then think you are lazy or less efficient than your co-workers. As a manager if I have to decide who to keep and who to let go I will pick the one coming to me for more work every time.
  • I always have plenty to do, more often than not too much. Way back when I was more of the deligatee than the deligator I'd take some paperwork and get lost for about 10 minutes-I had a big factory to do it in. I don't know what your situation is.

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