• If my husband ever dumped me or died, I would still be friendly with his mom, she is a lovely person.
  • Nope. His mother, and his whole family hates me even his hometown town(300 population) hates me!
  • nope :(
  • Friends ...hmmnnn ....friendly ...Yes ...She liked me :) !
  • I can honestly say our relationship hasn't changed a bit since the breakup. We still loathe one another!
  • I don't keep in regular contact with her. But she always always always hugs and kisses me and tells me she misses me whenever I see her.
  • NO. She took out a restraining order on me. The Judge threw it out but as she's getting older I'd like to make ammends but the woman won't talk to me. I can't really blame her either
  • yes..a great woman.
  • I get birthday/xmas cards from some of my ex's Moms. I get cards from their daughters as well, though.
  • My ex is dead and so is his mother; however, I honored her and kept contact with her through the years because she was a good person and it was good for my children to have that relationship. My mother in law was a piece of work though. As I got older, I was able to handle her without being intimidated. I was divorced when I was 27, so I maintained the relationship with her for 35 years.
  • friend with benefits, yes
  • Nope. At one point I wanted to be, but never did anything with it.
  • Not my last bf (she's deceased). ✱ Yes, about other ex bfs moms. I grew up in a small section of Boston and we're a pretty close community. I visit some of my ex bfs families during the holidays and we even exchange presents. :D
  • We're acquaintances
  • I've been divorced twice. First mil I haven't spoken to in years. She asked me to dinner once saying there wasn't any reason we couldn't still be friends, but she's always been very unstable as far as how she feels about people, and I've actually avoided the entire family for 20 years. My second mil I am friendly with. She lives in another state and I don't see or speak with her often, but I can feel comfortable staying at her house if I'm down that way and dropping the kids off with her or whatever. She's done some pretty nasty stuff to me when I left her son, but I guess that's water under the bridge. (She did stuff like pretended to be me to keep the phone turned on when I moved out and the phone was in my name!)
  • i am in california, they are in michigan. we send a christmas card each year. they said, they thought their daughter was just another chapter in my life story. she was my life until she revitalized her love for women and gave up loving me, her husband. my wife then my fiance, said she had a secret she couldnt tell me. i said it was okay, not to worry. her dad said he would get out his shotgun if i didnt go through with the wedding. they didnt tell me their daughter had an affair with her female gym teacher in high school. they deceived me, and we are supposed to be friends?
  • I see his stepdad occasionally and he is very polite to me, I never see his mom though. I would have to be nice since she had always treated me well.
  • No... She died a few years ago. :-(
  • Not friends, but I'd say friendly. Still friends with the ex and I always thought her mom was great.

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