• It's better to lay the infant on the left or right side of course.
  • You should never lay your newborn baby!!!
  • To adjust the baby with some amount of frequency because the skull is not fully formed, and this helps the baby's head to be shaped just right! I know that sounds crazy, but I swear it's true. Belly is really good.... and just vary it up a little.
  • I thought the current strategy was to lay them on their back. My 3 children were all put down on their tummies and slept well that way. "They" change everything. Don't know how my kids survived on their stomach, pablum at 2 weeks and baby food at a month. All I can say is that getting food at one month, that's when they started sleeping through the night.
  • The recommendation is to always put baby to sleep on their backs. I would also put baby on their sides because I worried that if they puked up some milk while laying on their back, that they'd choke on it... so I often did the side. Just be sure that the baby's bed isn't filled with a bunch of fluffy pillows & blankets, etc that they can choke on...
  • I think you should lay your baby either on there side or on the belly. If you lay them on there back , when they throw-up they will choke in it. They are not that smart yet to know to turn the head when they throw-up. Of course things change over the years, but it's only common sense that the baby will not be able to turn his/her head when they are about to throw-up. Now days a-lot of young girls listen to what doctors with no children are saying and i just don't think that is the right way to lay your baby, not saying what the Doctors don't know what they are talking about.
  • It is better to lay a baby down on their side. It reduces the incidence of SIDS. When they are strong enough to roll on their back, that is ok also. Having a firm place for them to sleep is the most important thing at the newborn stage.
  • The best position is to lay your baby either on their side or on the belly but never on the back since babies sometimes accumulate saliva and they will not be able to empty it if they are laid on their back.
  • Doctors will tell you now that you should not lay your baby on their stomach because of SIDS. However I have a 7 and 9 yr old and I layed them both on their side and there is a special pillow that they make to help keep the baby on their side. Laying a baby on their back all of the time can cause the back of their head to be flat and look really odd. I personally don't think that laying a baby on their stomach is harmful. I would always lay my babys on their side at night when I was sleeping also but lay them on their stomach during the day when I could keep a close watch on them. I would say just switch it up between al three until your baby is old enough to roll and then they will lay whatever way that they are comfortable.
  • i think its supposed to be on their back

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