• my bedroom. you couldnt mistake it for mine if you know me. everything in it is me. and the view is amazing especially in a storm!
  • It has to be the toilet because there i can flush all my troubles away, i normally come out a bit lighter too lol
  • My bedroom..I can lock the door and hide from the kids:):)
  • my bedroom, because my pc and my television is positioned there :D
  • The loo, because its the only place i can sound good when i'm singing :)
  • my bedroom!! because it's the magic room ;)
  • My bedroom because its the only room I'm allowed to 'ruin' with my decorating taste.
  • My living room. It is full of bright colors and pictures of my favorite movies and bands. And it gets so much natural light!
  • I like the kitchen. >.< I love to cook in it and there's ALWAYS something to eat. ^_^
  • I love every room for a different reason, so this is awfully hard. I guess my living room is extremely vibrant and full of things I love, and I spend a lot of time in it. Can I choose my front balcony to be unique? It's not an enclosed space, but it's such a wonderful thing to be on the porch swing with the dogs outside looking over the street.
  • Livingroom, Has my books, the computer and the TV. Also it is where my kids play the most and it is great to watch them explore.
  • i really do like the bathroom....cause it the one room where no one and come in and bug you it you own space till you leave...
  • The bedroom. Why? No comment. (Just kidding.) The closet, because it makes the rest of the house look clean.
  • My favorite room is every room where I can see outside, because that's my favorite place to be :)
  • Galeanda I just love my kitchen because it has so much light in it. It has a bay window, a window over the sink and two side windows. I have recently redecorated it...but I took the avenue of painting my cabinets white and getting new hardware, buying a new countertop and bar stools, a new floor, new appliances, painting the walls and buying several plants to set around the room. I did this over a period of time and I could have spent alot more money but I couldn't be any happier with it. I opted on Wilsonart formica for the countertops instead of granite and I love them. Thanks for the question!
  • My bedroom. My bed is there, my computer, entertainment, comfy chair and a nice view of the hill (see photo).
  • there is a room in the garage that was once a bedroom but now i am use it as a recording booth, i only have a cheap ass mic right now but if i can make a hit with that then it will be worth spending the money on a new one... if i keep giving songs out for free then maybe its good enough idk

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