• I'd have to say apples- this is purely on the basis of experience rather than any real scientific study. But - the acid content in citrus fruits causes health problems for lots of people. I can't eat them because they give me killer mouth ulcers. My boyfriend can't because he has a hiatus hernia that get inflamed by them, my sister can't because they bring her out in a nasty rash. Therefore, I'm pretty sure oranges aren't that good for you! Never heard of any similar problems with apples- but I would be interested.
  • Oranges are good for the bones -- as you'll notice after a long, brutal workout. But they do give me the runs, like fiber powder does. Why this is, I don't know for sure. Probably the citric acid. But is it bad for you? Well, I wonder if the natives who ate them ever experienced problems the way we European decendents do. So it probably comes down to a matter of "taste" rather than "health". The same goes for the river water the indians would drink. They were immune to the bacteria, but to the Americans, it made them very sick.
  • You are best off to eat both instead of all one or the other. Variety is always good.
  • I think they are both very healthy in different ways. In fact I eat one of each every single day!
  • Sorry, this is impossible to answer. It's like comparing apples to oranges.
  • apples give you a lot of energy, but I think overall oranges are better. Calcium I think? Eat both. It'll do ya good ;)
  • Neither. Both are high in sugar. Oranges have more Vitamin C and Apples have more roughage.

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