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  • absolutely. If you're satisfied with the relationship and the happiness you get from the person, it could most certainly last. You may not have the SAME relationship you could if you were together. But why would you let a relationship go that long so far away? if it was true love (this could also be a friendship) you would probably want to move closer to eachother, and you'd make it work. But there could definately be a different level of a relationship while still apart.
  • Too many miles of separation is a temptation to cheat. its like the saying "what you don't know, will not hurt you". Either get closer together or you could suffer hurting consequences.
  • Possibly. I was in one for five.
  • any relation ship can last as long as you want EX. i've had no contact with my best friend for five years and now we're stillbest friends
  • There would obviously be more pressures on such a relationship. People can change a lot over that time, and if you're not changing together it can be difficult to adjust to those changes which seem sudden when you don't see each other often, as you don't have time to adapt. You also aren't getting the support, and physical contact (Sex might be part of that, but things like hugs are just as important). Obviously there's the cheating issue- you're sexually frustrated, it seems unlikely your partner will find out- why not? Unfortunately these things have a habit of escalating- either you become a serial cheat, or you lose interest in your partner and opt for the person you can at least be close to. Even if both of you are faithful, the fact that you can never be sure what your partner is up to can lead to suspicion and false accusations- which can be just as destructive as actual cheating. A lot depends on the character and commitment of the people involved in the relationship. I think it helps if you have already been in a short-distance relationship for a while with the person before you are seperated- and are certain that you want to be with them On the other hand there are a few people who thrive on relationships where they don't see too much of their other half - usually those who are very independent, and find another person's constant presence irritating. In those cases a long distance relationship possibly has a better chance of lasting than a normal one! Generally I'd say the chances aren't great, but that doesn't mean its completly impossible.
  • You're looking at a 7 year veteran of a long distance relationship. :) It can and will work if both parties want it to. Communication is key.
  • i sure hope so! i think mine is a long distance well he lives in another town thats 20mins away and we've been together since 07 so i think it works..
  • Would you really want it to?:/
  • The answer to this question is yes: A couple can remain in "contact" for seven years, always pledging thier love to each other...HOWEVER: always remember that the person you are "in love with" may be seeing ANYONE and you don't even know it. You are how many miles away?
  • Could you get struck by lightning right now? Yes, but it's not likely. The same holds true for long term LDR's. Seven years is a long time not to be able to hug your partner and go out on dates with them every weekend. If you stay in this relationship for such a long period of time, you may begin to question what direction it's headed in and if there's any future in it. Being apart prevents you from getting to know the other person. You can't observe how he or she reacts to the daily stresses of life. If you must continue this relationship, plan for one person to move closer to the other in a year or two.
  • Ive been in a long distance relationship for 4 years and its going good and strong, as long as you both are truthfully and willing to withstand the even more problems relationships come with then you will succeed. Trips to see the other person helps and phone calls I txt my guy everynight just to say night to him.
  • Yes it can work it the love is real :)
  • If Mutual Trust is converted in Love.

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