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  • Simon and Garfunkel. Lennox and Stewart. Sonny and Cher (Bono). Ike and Tina (Turner). Tegan and Sarah (Quinn). ... Garfunkel is not a common first name, but it exists as a given name. Same goes for Lennox. Bono is not really a first name, but "Bono" from U2 uses it as a mononym. Turner is an uncommon given name. Quinn is probably the more common of these as a given name, but is not as common as other first/last names. Did Elton John do a duet with someone with a first name for a last name? That'd be interesting, since his stage name last name is John (a first name) and his last name at birth was Dwight (also a first name). IDK, who was it?
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      You are hot on the track, it was Elton John and _______________ (saw them in Philadelphia)
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      Didn't he do a tour a while back with Billy Joel?
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