• Dunno.... It seems to be the trend, regardless of sexual preference, to give up when the going gets the slightest bit tough.
  • No. When they make the commitment there is no pressure from society to do so. Males and females still have lots of pressure from society/families to get married and most straights were raised by married male/female marriages. Without the pressure I think gays would be more stable as a couple because no one is urging them to get married. But, they too will have divorce.
  • 1) Who told you they would allow gay divorce? ;-) I thought this was just a joke, and then I read this: "In a split decision, Rhode Island's top court said yesterday that it will not allow a lesbian couple who married in Massachusetts to get a divorce in the Ocean State." Source and further information: 2) In the long term, it could be so. Anyway, the gay unions which would be recognized with a marriage could be more stable. 3) "There are no reliable gay divorce rates worldwide, as not all counties keep track of which divorce filings are from heterosexual and homosexual couples. In Massachusetts, when couples applied for divorce two months after gay marriage was legalized, opponents of gay marriage said the divorces, occurring so soon after the weddings, confirm that gay couples are not suited to marriage. One group stated that the gay men were too 'promiscuous' to make a marriage work. The national divorce rate in the US is near 50 percent. Gay rights groups argue that mentioning gay divorce is a cheap shot. The gay divorce rate has little to do with gay marriage, as gay divorce is another rights issue." "Gay couples divorce for many reasons. Gay couples experience strong cultural pressures. Gay couples are also more likely to be two-income families with no children, which in the straight population have a higher risk of divorce. One of the less-thought-of reasons for gay marriage is to ensure that a couple in the process of break-up can access divorce courts. As gay marriage is a relatively recent phenomenon, the gay divorce rate will not stabilize for a long time. Gay couples can only now access the streamlined legal processes that marriage and divorce provides. A study showed that the gay divorce rate for Dutch lesbian couples was higher than gay male couples, although the reason wasn't clear. Data from Nordic countries, where gay civil unions have been legal for more than a decade, also showed a slightly higher divorce rate for lesbians." Source and further information:
  • Let's allow it and see.
  • Probably would be much higher at first, then fall into about the same rate as straight marriage.
  • i bet it will start out with a huge divorce rate. Why? because gays see this opportunity to get married and are like hey lets go get married. So they rush into this commitment and we all know what happens when straight people rush into marriage.. usually ends in divorce pretty quick.. So floods of gay people are rushing to get married and i predict floods of gay divorce. Statistics show that gay relationships seem to be more flakey. A gay man in california can see over 10 different partners a night at a gay orgy. This is why aids is so rampant. Most middle aged and older men that are gay seem to come from a background of pornographic obsession. And this is how porn works. It starts out pretty innocent, then it slowly builds. Usually in a marriage the man wants to hide what he is doing and covers his tracks. The porn obsession gets worse and worse and he looks for more extreme stuff so he can please himself. before you know it he is out looking around for something better. He may start sleeping around with other woman and will soon loose interest with that. Then he runs into an opportunity to be with another man. hormones are raging by now and he takes the opportunity. Before he knows it he's barried over his head in gay relationships. He's convinced himself that he was gay all along because he doesn't want to face the alternative fact that he has screwed his life up. So he decides to be gay. Gets in a stable gay relationship and before you know it hes cheating on his gay partner because he has forgotten what stable actually is. I know that this lifestyle also contributes to straight marriage divorce. But i think the gay marriage will have the same if not higher divorce percentage.
  • Yes I do as I feel that sexual preference is not the problem with many marriages.

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