• Was 17 when I went to college two hours from home. I came back home for one semester a year later and worked nearby for that one semester, but then moved out on my own, out of state.
  • at 22 I bought my own house....never had moved out before, never moved back in since either....
  • 24, I actually bought the townhouse a year earlier but there was construction delays.
  • I had just turned 22 when I moved out.
  • If you count college, I moved out when I was 18, lived in dorms for 2 years, an apartment for 1 year, and a house with 5 of my friends for the last year. After school I lived with my parents for about 3 more years, and then THEY decided to move away. The timing was right, and I decided to rent a house in town with my best friend instead of moving with my parents. I believe I was 24 when I "officially" moved out.
  • I was 15

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