• There are many adverse effects associated with coffee shortness of breath is not one of them. I sorry to say that it could be a number of things which may have caused this. Current stress, astma etc. Coffee has been linked to cardiovascular disease which in this case shortness of breath may be an effect of that but its a long short as cardiovascular problems dont just appear.
  • The caffeine in coffee can cause you to have anxiety if you drink too much. Anxiety can cause all kinds of problems, including shortness of breath. Cut down on the caffeine, not just coffee, and contact your doctor to make sure it's not something else.
  • Are you having any other symptoms like chest pain or nausea? Is it only after you drink coffee? How much coffee? How old are you and are you a male or a female? Are you taking any other medication? Shortness of breath could be a sign of heart problems, so you will need to go to your doctor right away just to make sure. If you're drinking coffee on top of taking certain medications that might have caffeine or other chemicals that could speed your heart rate too much (like Excedrin tension headache). If you're taking OTC diet pills, that could interact with the coffee and cause your heart rate to go up. You should really see your doctor to rule out any heart problems and to make sure you're not putting too much stress on your heart.
  • i also get shortness of breath after drinkng coffee. infact, i have it right now. it worries me a bit because other times my cchest area, including near my heart, can feel tight and i have to thump my chest with my hands to help ease the tightness. it's strange because i'm only 23 years old. i'm male. i guess i should cut my caffeine consumption. which sucks, because i do enjoy a cup of coffee... but i'm more worried about the straining so it's for the best.
  • yes,im 27 and i ended up at the emergency room thinking i was having a heart attack after carefully reviewing all my symptoms and many exams including an ekg it all turn out to be stress and or too much caffeine intake,try leaving the coffee for at least 2 weeks and monitor yourself if you still feel the same make an appointment with your md as soon as possible! good luck.

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