• You don't want to come between family. If your boyfriend likes you than thats all you need to know. In some cases- when it gets bad- the jealous girlfriend may get her boyfriend to stop talking to his sister-- but it won't last. They are brother & sister- deal with it! I'm on the other end of a similar situation- My brother's girlfriend is jealous of me for some reason. I can sense it. She deletes the messages I send him on myspace and responds back acting like she is him.... but I know. I find it sooo weird! Why be jealous-- it's ridiculous. She also deleted the recent photos that my brother and I had of us together. It really sickens me and I'm really starting to hate her! When my Mom was alive- her and my brothers girlfriend did not get along. My Mom actually slapped her in the face because she was jealous of my brother talking to his own Mom! she's psycho. Than a real tragedy happened in my family- my Mom committed suicide (due to other reasons other than my brothers stupid jealous girlfriend) But you would think that this girl would have a heart and understand and respect the relationship that her boyfriend has with his family! I just don't know what to do anymore. I want to rip her throat out! She is so kaniving-- I hate people like that! Why can't people just be nice? Why do so many have to be so hateful & jealous??? I don't get it. I'm sick of being nice to this girl--- when I can see right through her. It is completely mind boggeling to me how someone can be so frickin stupid!! I wish they would break up and my brother would meet a nice girl that respects family values! I understand being jealous but jealous of your boyfriends own family... c'mon!
  • Stop worrying about what she is and start taking a good look at yourself and what you want to change. Damn it is bad when even a Satanist tells you not to covet.
  • You have a boyfriend, what more do you want? Concentrate on your relationship with him, and be happy for her.
  • YOu have to look at yourself and ask yourself why you don't like who you are. YOur boyfriend likes you. What does he see in you that you do not? Make a list of all your good points. Then make a list of things you want to do better. Work on those. It is not good to compare yourself to others. The only person you should compete with is yourself. (BTW it is highly poossible that SHE is thinking: darn, I wish I were more like marshmello)
  • Take your eyes and attention off of her and come to realize your own strength and potential. Solutions? Think and do outwardly expecting nothing in return. Gain your self-esteem from within by staying honest and truthful, this stuff will carry you through! :)
  • ..first off..your main concern should be yourself..learn to be happy for yourself and learn to love yourself...stop looking at what other people have and start appreciating what you have then you'll start to be happy for others
  • Be happy with yourself.
  • my boyfriend is much more in love with his sister than with me...and i mean physically and emotionally. So i have no sympathy for anyone who talks about the imprtance of close family ties. Family is one of the most important things in life but it is natural to start a life with someone else at a certain point.
  • I think you should do your best to be happy for her and maybe look at her as an example to emulate figure out why she's popular and work on improving yourself.

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