• Offline hugs, 10 and over. :D Online I go *Hugs* which really isn't the same, but er, the thought is there either way.
  • Actually 10 ! I think I do more hugging offline ;-) !
  • how do you hug online??? i dont really like physical contact with anyone but im a bit more cool with it when im drunk.
  • Hugging wise I'm at about a 2 1/2....I'm just not crazy about being touched. My friends know this and respect it. The exception is children. I always have a hug ready for kids.
  • I do not hug at all online, and I don't hug a whole lot in real life. I'm not big on it. Some people I hug pretty regularly, but that's only like 1 or 2 people (excluding my bf), and then people I haven't seen in awhile. On average I would call it about a...2-3. Although I do like to hug pals I haven't seen in awhile a significantly bigger amount. Round a 6.
  • 10; human contact is definitely an important part of my life; particularly when it involves feeling the warmth of someone who I really like or love. I don't do cyber-hugging at all, it sound good but to me it serves no purpose.
  • 10 for how much I like to hug. I prefer to hug in real life. An online hug leaves me feeling empty. They're ok for someone you want to hug but is too far away, but I'll always take a hug where I can get one. Hell, I'd like to be the guy in the "Everyday" music video by Dave Matthews Band. I'd have given him a hug. Please do watch the video, it just makes you feel good all over.
  • I guess if I know the person and depending on how much I like someone, I'm more inclined to give a hug or want to receive one (maybe a 7 or 8)? But if I don't know the person, this goes down to like a 2 or a 3 depending on whether they seem to need one. If it does look like they need a hug and they want one, I'll usually give them one. This goes for both real-life and online.
  • I guess I'm a 7. I've become indoctrinated in the "hello hug" and cheek kiss thing. I don't really enjoy it, nor do I dislike it - I guess I nothing it. Online hugging makes me feel like a sexual predator, so I abstain. I guess I don't "get it"
  • i love hugging, but i'd say i'm maybe an 8 because sometimes it's a little strange, especially with strangers and all. but i do tend to do in-person hugging more often...i don't usually cyber-hug actually..
  • I never online hug but if i really like someone i will hug them in person and that takes allot for me.I was never really brought up a clingy close person with anyone.
  • i love to in person hug : ) i'll take a hug anytime.
  • at least an 8 i do more hugging in person and i love to hug i hug my fiance even when we are sleeping i fall asleep in his arms my mom my dad my real good friends
  • gotta be a 9 from me, i love hugs, but there is one person that if they came running towards me arms outstretched. id step to one side, leaving my foot out, so they fall on their ass
  • i am not a hugger and i'm not a cyber hugger either. i hug my boyfriend and my nieces
  • I'd say around 9-10. I hug most friends as I great or part with them. I always hug my husband and the pets:-) I hug more in person by the week, though daily, probably online as I often don't leave the house for a few days at a time.
  • On the hug scale, I am a 6.5. I hug friends, both male and female, if we are close. If I just met you, you get the obligatory first hug IF you initiate it. I don't make it a practice to hug someone I just met. I don't online hug, shake hands, kiss, high five or anything like that. It confuses me. How am I supposed to respond?
  • 10! and I give good hug... I'd rather hug in person :)
  • 10! I love to hug! I hug everyone that I know and even some ppl that I dont know. My fave kind of hug is definately a warm hug that has a good amount of pressure but not too hard haha
  • A mate .... 0 Bird with big boosy whackers .....9.5
  • For my Jenn 10!!!! For my friends more like a 5 And Real hugs please
  • 10! Hugging is the best! I do more cyber hugging, but would love to do a lot more hugging in person :)
  • 10 hugs are great my boyfriend hugs me as soon as we wake up as soon as he gets home and often thru the reast of the night I love it, makes me feel very loved and adored like i should be :)
  • 10 Hugging is Epic. I get lots of real and cyber hugs, i just love em so much

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