• Assuming that you went to the Dr. and had a D&C, no. Did you get medical care?
  • I had a miscarriage and was still pregnant i was carrying twins, the living one is now 13 years old a girl. ask for a scan thats what i did because they told me there was no pregnancy after my miscarriage.
  • I am now 5 weeks after a miscarriage and I still have not had a period either. I often wonder if I could still be pregnant because I went to the doctor had an ultrasound said there was no sac and then they sent me home nothing I am unsure what to do.
  • Hi I had a miscarriage on the 21st February Went for a scan on the 26th feb they said everything was clear, its now been 4 weeks and no sign of a period I have been trying for another baby did a preganacy test this morning and came back negative I will wait till the end of the week and try again. I do think its possible to get pregnant after a miscarriage they say its so much easier. Hope this helps
  • I had a miscarriage on 11/15 and still havent had a period. Its been 11 wks and im wondering if i could be pregnant again. I took a hpt and it was neg. I went to the doctors today and had a blood test done and im having an ultrasound done thursday. I have so many questions goiong on in my head i dont know what to believe.
  • I had a misscarriage 4 weeks ago and I took a perg test and it came out post.I hope that everything is going to be ok this time.

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