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  • Move on.
  • Have a wank, blow your nose and drink a cup of coffee.
  • There is good and bad in ALL of us..think you got to sometimes take the good with the bad if you want a relationship with anyone.
  • Stalk her, and send her your severed ear in the post.
  • u will never get over her, somehow..someway she will always be deep in you TRUST ME
  • Just keep working through life, pray to the Lord, and in time, He will heal you Eventually, be it even in the next life, it all works out for the better. And, then again, there may even be a change of heart. Keep praying for "the Best", not just what you want now ... just pray for the best, and God will gradually respond in His own wisdom to your plea.
  • There was someone who I used to feel the same way about, until one day I just didn't. It took a good long while, meeting other people, which culminated in falling for someone else. Only thing, now they broke my heart so the cycle starts all over with another person. Point is, even if this passes, something else will come along to fuck with your life. Relationships are tons of fun!
  • Sometimes the best thing you can do is take a step back and go out with friends try to enjoy yourself without her and then ask youself are you happy without her. We find ourselves more often than not just dependent on having someone there.
  • 2-4-2017 You must be a male, since females have no such problem. All you are saying is you don't know how to find another girlfriend. It is a mistake to give any attention to an ex. A broken relationship stays broken forever.
  • just think about someone else

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