• Seriously O-uknow, I think I still think like a child sometimes, but because I'm a grown man now, I have taken up so many "adult" responsibilities that my mind has had to adjust to the rigors of living in an ugly, hostile world, so I can survive and get along. As a child, everything seemed so "pure" and delightful. Life was fun and carefree. But as I grew older, people started treating me "like the adult" I should be----they stopped pinching my cheeks and saying how cute I was. They started to say things like "Okay, now it's time you get a job!", "Do you have your driver's license yet?", "When are you going to get married and have children?", etc., which hardened me and made me think more like a cold, tough adult. But I reserved a place in my brain to be a child at heart, and one should always do that, because life is not all about work and stress. ;)
  • it becomes a fight between your head and heart. And as you grow in age you listen more to head rather than your heart
    • Crazychick
      I don't. I still listen to my heart. I let my husband listen to his head because he's better at it than I am. Lol:)
  • In some ways I still am like a child at 31. When I was a child I secretly enjoyed being spanked by my parents. Now as an adult I openly enjoy being spanked by my husband. In that way I haven't changed one iota. Lol:)

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