• They look at you, all of your marks, your SAT scores obviously, but mainly at you. You'd be surprised what a good interview can do, good marks or not.
  • According to my former guidance councelor, they look more at what you decided to take. For instance, C's in several AP classes is better than A's in the easiest classes you can find. An interview is especially good if you're confident in your future plans and are certain of your path in school, but you can still cover your bases and make a good impression and leave some decision making until later by having difficult classes under your belt.
  • They look at your grades, the classes you choose to take, your extracurricular activities, and your SAT scores. They look more at your 11th grade marks than your 12th grade marks because you have not finished 12th grade by the time you are applying to college, but you still have to do well your 12 grade year because they can still kick you out after you have been accepted if you do extremely poorly. If you have the option of taking honors and AP classes, colleges would rather see you make a B in a harder class than an A in an easy class because it shows that you are willing to challenge yourself instead of taking the easy way out. SAT scores are important, but not necessarily the most important thing because colleges understand that some students just don't test well. They also look for you to have extracurricular activities and community service to show that you are a well-rounded person. Each university has their own standards of how much importance they put on each of these factors when looking at candidates for admission.
  • Well generally, it depends on the college but i owuld say that most colleges look at 11th grade the most. then they look at other grades and sat's. but nearly as important is participation in extra curricular and volunteer activities. ive heard of valedictorians getting denied because they didnt have enough extra curricular activities.
  • I would say they look at the overall person. My brother for instance is highly intelligent( but won't do stuff he see's as pointless) he scored extremely high on his SAT, but his grades in school sucked. Like C's. Purdue University accepted him because he was involve in academic teams, he did well on the Sat. So I believe that they do focus in more on grades, but they do look at the whole also.

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