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  • how to get out of addiction to porn Step 1: Tell someone you know and trust about your addiction to pornography. Being honest and telling someone will help take power away from the addiction. Step 2: Destroy all pornographic materials that you have in your possession. Remove the temptation by getting rid of magazines and videos. Step 3: Clear out the history and cookies on your computer that store visited websites. Step 4: Purchase a blocker or monitoring system that will prohibit and record the access to Internet pornographic sites. Step 5: Identify an accountability partner. This is someone you trust to be both honest and encourage you while at the same time being strong and blunt. Step 6: Confess to your spouse that you are struggling with an addiction to pornography. Step 7: Seek counseling from a psychologist or therapist. This may be demanded by your spouse and may include their participation in the therapy. Step 8: Take advantage of the resources available to you in the form of books written by authors that have experienced and overcome the same addiction. Step 9: Take an active role in reversing the damage pornography may have caused you and your family. Find joy in the reality of your life and steer clear from the fantasy of pornography. Tips & Warnings Seek the counsel of your pastor, priest or other church leader. They can offer you spiritual guidance, prayer and may recommend a counselor. Check into local support groups that offer a group setting to address the issues of pornography addiction. Spouses do not make the best accountability partners, but you should be honest with your spouse by confessing your struggles. As with any addiction, a relapse may occur. Be honest if this happens, and ask for help from your spouse and accountability partner.

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