• Can you learn how? I thought it just kinda happened. I've never heard of a woman "learning" how to do it. Some women have that ability and some don't. Just like some women can have multiple orgasms and some can't. Usually when a woman squirts she is with an especially good lover that is very tuned into her sexual response. He stays in the area that works FOR HER, watching her carefully, and he doesn't run his usual script of 1, 2, 3 technique. When a guy focuses solely on that woman, her body, and what she likes, that is when it happens, much to their mutual surprise!! lolol
  • on your back. you can squirt with only clit stimulation at least i can anyways
  • On your back, totally relaxed, You have to stimulate your g-spot, you can tap it lightly or when touching it see what feels best to you It is located in about 1 1/2 to 2 inches and up toward your pubic bone It feels like a bump with a spongy like texture As you massage it will become slightly larger. The best case senior is if your lover will give you oral sex and stimulate your g-spot at the same time.

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