• Because you might actually have the best answer to a question, where people have voted it to the top of the answeres. If it gets dwnrated, it goes lower and someone else's answer gets to be first, and it might be less informative or simply less voted for than yours.
  • I dont really care . I get alot without even trying .
  • I don't care about either one. I log on to try to help others find answers to their questions not I need more points so I'll answer them all with meaningless babble.
  • Whether we care about points or not, downrates suck because they hurt our percentages. That is what I cared about most anyway. Besides that, they serve no beneficial purpose except to give the trolls something to do.
  • Not that I necessarily care, but it does key my car when a DR happens from a perfectly good answer that isn't that answer the asker was looking for. Q Who else thinks that Anonymous Girl is a total babe? A I never seen her, but by her answers and questions, she makes Miss Hathaway look like a perfect 10. -6 -6 -6 -6 -6 -6 -6 -5 -6 +1 -6 OK, maybe for THAT, but you get the jist.... right? ;-)
  • I think it's human nature to feel hurt when someone doesn't agree with you. Wonderful thing is it hasn't been a problem since I unchecked my ratings box months ago. Quite liberating!!
  • The only thing that bugs me about being down rated is when it's an opinion question (What's your favourite...?) and someone down rates your answer because they don't share the same opinion. If my answer is wrong, by all means, down rate it, but why down rate someone's opinion?
  • I did used to get more upset then I do now, I just didn't and I guess still don't understand it..Yeah ok, all capital letters is drd always, I found that out, that's cool...But everyone has an opinion and my opinions and questions are as good as the rest of them, so whose to say they should be downrated?
  • It shows that there are people who are too cowardly to speak their minds usually. Personally prefer to be around others with courage.
  • I'm to the point I just comment at the answer "DRer - What makes this answer not helpful or bad" or something like that, and let it go. The comment doesn't really do much but let me get out ANY "upset" I might have over my perfectly good answer getting DRed. BTW: Was DRed on a "What's your Screensaver" question. Does THAT make any sense at all to you? In other words, I'm only upset because I can make any sense at all out of an answer being DRed.
  • It only bothers me when they are cowardly and my answer was not offensive in the least and it was an opinion answer. I got DRed yesterday for answering "Would you rather....." Come on ppl that is just showing that either ppl are out to get me or that someone is just being an a*& and needs to grow up and get a life. BTW Dring doesn't hurt my points so it isn't a matter of not caring about points, but a matter of ppl just being plain obnoxious.
  • I don't really get upset. I just annoyed that I can produce a well thought out answer that may not be as PC as others may like and get a DR. Others produce answers that only kick back typical PC BS and produce no original thought. Then they get uprated. So the answer is I don't really care, it is just a matter of Principle.
  • To some degree, I guess I do care about points, in the way that, when I get points, I know someone agrees with me and thinks that I have posted a good answer. So when my answer gets D'rd for no reason, I just think its slack. I dont get upset though.
  • it's not the points i care about, i get angry when i get downrated without an explanation of some kind. i don't expect one every time; but if i make a very good point or state my opinion without offending anyone, i'd like to know why i lost points
  • It's the "principle of the thing", AG. I just don't like little anonymous trolls. If anyone disagrees with an answer I give, just let them say so and give their own opinion. Hell, I might even change my mind if it is a good enough reason. Hit and run is a cheap and cowardly shot. Also very adolescent. And ever notice how most "minuses" are only one point? Newby-dooby-dooby. Enough said.

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