• I don't think it would hurt anything,unless you have a garden.They are cute,aren't they?
  • Rabbits are fine in singles. they reproduce quickly. But i wouldn't bother it all. Keep it for your grandchildren.
  • Rabbit is generally a harmless creature unless you hold it in your arms too long.When it is bored it starts jerking and its toe nails can give you some cut.It is a curious animal that likes to stand with the frond legs leaning on anything convenient to it. By doing this it may break your flower pots etc.
  • I have had a rabbit living in my ack yard for a few years now. It hasn't done any harm as far as I know... in fact, it's been eating dandelions which is a good thing :). I like having it in the yard, it's nice to see it out there.
  • I love watching the wild brown rabbits hop around in the yards here. They are so cute. I have a pet bunny as well named Floppy, aka flop.
  • They are probably harmless to most things, but to be safe I would contact a local vet or the animal control for your area and ask about the safety of this situation. They would be aware of any outbreaks of diseases carried by rodents and small animals in your area. Rabbits are adorable but can carry anything from plague to rabies. I would take some precautions if it were my grandkids.

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