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  • Continued: You says you do, but if she was feeling neglected she should have told you before she cheated. She went with the younger guy at lunch one day and kissed. She goes places with the younger guy all the time and does not tell You. You said it's over, but you are now working on it and she told you she loves you and the younger guy is just a friend. She go places with the younger guy and she believes you do not know it. She calls and texts the younger guy every day. She called the younger guy one time when You were in the shower. She has a block on her cell phone. Why is she cheating on you? Why does she need 2 people in her life? Why with someone so young? Why doesn't she just tell You the truth? What would you do if you were the boyfriend being cheated on?
  • give her the birdie,smile and walk away.

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