• One bad one on my lower back;) A couple on my left eyelid and fore head;)
  • I have little scars on my face. Thanks to various soaps I've tried they kinda faded. The scars, not my face :)
  • I have a "chicken pox" mark right dead between my eyes lol .. my brother used to tell people he shot me there with a BB gun .. and although it isn't really all that noticeable, I hate it :(
  • Yes, but they are emotional ones. I also have a triangular scar on my left foot from getting a door slammed on it. Not ugly, but unusual.
  • I have a two inch scar on my left elbow when I had my humerus broken for me when I was 13. It happened on the first day of summer break (no pun intended) and as usual me, my brother and the two boys and girl across the street were playing our version of dodgeball. I don't know what possessed me but I threw a base ball and it hit 15 year old David right in the ding ding and he got bull mad, chased and tacked me and as a result broke my left elbow. I was asked if I wanted to sue and even at that young age I had wisdom enough to say no.
  • about 10 billion on my forehead, which of course is extra high to ensure that all people see them all
  • Yup. I have three chicken pox scars on my face. I also have a pretty nasty scar on my right ankle. My husband tells me the scars on my back are very faded now and hard to see. That's good, they were pretty bad in the begining.
  • i have one on my right hand .. like right smack dab in the middle of it from when i got burned when i was younger. this glue gun contraption thing that melts metal fell on my hand.
  • Yes, many ...
  • I have a 4 inch long scar on the right side of my throat from surgery last August. It has actually healed pretty good, but I notice it. My left big toe has a huge scar from surgery when I was 16. The palm of my left hand has two scars from a broken bottle when I was 4 years old. My other scars aren't too noticeable.
  • I have a 2" scar (it shrunk to 1") on my left knee from running through the woods and into a coil of barbed wire. I probably should have gotten stitches, but I was only 12 so I just bandaged it up tightly.
  • On my nose. The first place everyone looks.

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