• I had a quick look today but didnt buy any of them,they were a bit on the dull side.
  • I bought a bathing suit for a vacation we were took 6 years ago. I have not looked at bathing suits since.
  • You just totally reminded me that I need to go sooner rather than later.
  • It's been about 3 years - it's always so challenging to find a suit I feel good in!
  • Last summer. Ah, it's always hard. I have to mix the tops, and bottoms about. Because I'm like 3 sizes smaller on the bottom, than on the top. But a bit of subtle swapping always works...
  • Dont go there girlfriend!!! lol.. actually it was last September before i went abroad, this year im gonna wear the ones i already have.. unless a miracle happens and i lose like two stone :)
  • Separates are a good thing! Tankini's are too, but nothing can prepare a mother of three for the emotional distress of going swim suite shopping, unless I'm getting a solid black surf suite, even that might bum me out a little. Typically when I come home from that kind of shopping, usually empty handed, I need chocolate.
  • Last year. I was 20 lbs lighter so it went VERY well :)
  • Today!!! What do you think!!!
  • The last time I bought one, was when I still looked good in one, and that was the summer of 91
  • last month. well duh i kept thinking "omgg i look so fat.." but i luckily found one.
  • Last year. I went to TK Maxx and just picked a couple of bikinis off the rail that looked right for me in a size bigger than I admit I am (I can get away with it when its skirts, tops or dresses) - then just wore them without looking too hard at myself in the mirror. I don't look bad but I'm far from 'perfect' and really, who cares? Other people don't care, they're too worried about how they look. Best to wear a sarong until you are lying down and put it back on when you move around. Happy summer! lol x
  • OMG. I desperately needed a new one and it was a nightmare. VERY VERY difficult to get a suit which will cover the flab and make you look attractive. Thank god I found a solid black one which camouflages most flaws.
  • i tend to buy mine from catalogues, its less hassle, and they seem to be better quality
  • It was actually amazingly successful. I just went at the end of the summer and bought a really cute suit from Target. I recently lost a bit of weight, so that really helped my confidence when shopping...I did find something flattering and cute, despite my "curves"!
  • Oh I have to say I hate shopping fo rclothes because I never buy anything because I think imnot a size 6 so its not going to look right on me :)
  • swim wear shopping is just to revealing . went with a friend in spring and we both bought two bikini's and a one piece ... the bikini's where a size bigger than usual and the one piece's where two sizes bigger .. Booo they all fit both of us now .. we ahve both gain a few pounds . but at least they are a comfy fit
  • I went up to the sale rack and was looking for a one piece brown suit, found one my size and said "that'll do" and headed out.....

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