• I had the same issues growing up, and am still battling, but today they are more accepted, and because they are we hear about it more.
  • Hollywood, the media, the music industry and the model business. It is something that has always existed to an extent, usually in the upper-class more so then everyone, but since the world has gotten so small (relatively speaking) through media it seems that it has gotten worse. When all these entertainment industries show these untouchably beautiful women that are way too thin to be healthy as the most beautiful women in the world they always neglect to add that this one's on coke and eats only one salad a day. They also fail to mention that none of these women look half as good with out makeup, filters and photoshop. This film, Evolution, from Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty shows how an average looking woman can be made to look like a supermodel.
  • I think, the parents are responsible, for not teaching them, what true beauty is, that they are beautiful, exactly the way they are. The people in magazines and on TV are airbrushed and fake as hell, there is no possible way to look like them. I dont think we had it that much, back in our day, how you looked wasnt as important. Honor, respect, hardworking, trustworthy, that was more important.
  • It is much worse now than when I was growing up. Girls weren't on diets unless they weighed over 200 lbs. Nobody cared how hairy you were. Yes, some guys made fun of slow maturing girls who had no breasts but it was just for a brief time and rarely was it taken seriously. Kids weren't even as clickish either. We didn't wear make up until later in middle school. And no one was overly concerned with having a GF/BF until high school, senior year and even then it wasn't a big deal. Most people didn't pair up or date much. They only picked on the extremes and most people were just happy being in the middle somewhere. They weren't trying really hard to be better looking or being famous or being sexy. Nowadays, all we see are things about being young and sexy, everyone has to attract everyone else. TV movies, shows, magazines, books, everyone is upper middle class and beautiful. They all look alike and people don't see average anymore or their average now is unreal. What are kids supposed to think when their parents are leading such examples.
  • i struggle with this everyday of my life. i hate my body and everyone says how beautiful i am. and i dont see it. EVER. i cant wear a bikini! so i dont think im pretty. my boyfriend doesnt know what to do. i never EVER take a compliment .... i get MAD when he looks at a pretty girl or chicks in a movie. i wanna say " why would you want me when you can have that?" crazy i know. it sucks.
  • It's also been around, though it was taboo to talk about for a time and still slightly is. It also depends on the country you are living in. France was looking a blind eye to many body image issues for a long time because they preferred a very skinny girl and while they are starting to come around it's very slow. I believe that it is more prominent now a days with both girls and guys. The guy side is more I'm not jacked so I must be ugly sort of thing.
  • some of both
  • Society puts a lot of emphasis on superficiality and image, so much so that we've come to believe that what it seems to expect of us is the only way to be successful and happy. I'm sure men might feel the same about what it is society expects of them. I think it was always this way, or at least, there were similar ''demands'' to follow. When women were inferior, they had to abide by what this inferiority implied, such as dressing a certain way or acting a certain way. Like, corsets that crushed your insides and made you pass out, it's sorta reflective of the way society today demands that women look or act a certain way, this time based on equality. Either way, if you don't do it, you don't succeed. Although false, it is the idea behind the mentality, few seem to be able to escape it, or even realize this. The foundations shift, but the need of expectation and its ideals in that respect within culture and society always remain, in some shape, or form, and sexual image sure isn't the only thing this society thinks we all need. :/ It seems as normal human behaviour, one that invites motivation, unfortunately, as idolising and influence goes a long way.
  • It's been going on for some time, but we are only now really understanding the psychology of it. (Some may have before, but they were not listened to.) Men and women have ALWAYS gone by what they've seen on TV and in the movies. Think about it. The sales of suits and pillbox hats, when Jackie Kennedy wore them went through the roof. For men, it's the "dapper" look, usually tied to their favorite male star or rock group, which is why long hair for men became so big when the Beatles came to America. Boys see the rock stars and the girls screaming and swooning off-stage, so they emulate their favorites. Girls are bombarded by images of skinny women. And, of those NOT skinny, they have a great shape and huge "honkers". ALL of these they believe the be men's ideal. Psychologically, women are more emotional than men, who are more visual. so many tend to "take it to heart", and try to mold their bodies into these ideals, so men will like them. And since, normally, girls WANT to be liked by boys, and there's so much competition out there, they try to "outdo" each other, sometimes to their detriment. No... It's not just this generation. It's just more noticeable (think of news coverage and how IT'S grown), and more understood than ever before.
  • I think it's this generation. Plus, I've noticed the fashions of the past. Women would wear, big full skirts, and tight bustier type tops...the look was much more forgiving in public.

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