• I don't think it is 'dirty pool' (or wrong is that what you mean?) to ask about someone's religion; I love talking about it. I think you can criticize as long as you are respectful and sincere. People's backs go up when someone is attacking their beliefs, but I don't mind criticism, because I am comfortable and strong in my faith. I don't think that most religious people think it is a load of crap, but I do think that they don't take enough time to do the research, and investigate why they believe what they belive. If you look around, you will see that 'polite society' is actually going to extremes to show that religion is a load of bull by this new wave of 'everything is okay' thinking, spirituality with a god of something, but not the God. Having said that, I affirm my belief in the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob and my belief in Jesus Christ. Good question. I What does dirty pool mean, was I right to assume that you mean 'wrong to ask'?
  • I think we live in a very p.c age and people are affraid to ask thats why site like ab are a great place for this kind of disscusion.I'm sure a lot of religous people really belive what they read in religius text,some believe it enouth to kill and to die for and thats what scares me.
  • its taboo to talk religion people have thier beliefs and it has started many serious arguments and with that I am not going to say anymore
  • I know deep down that every bible thumping churchie Ive met is mentally unstable
  • Some people hold their identity in their religion. So you are basically criticizing their identity. Also if they see some sense in your argument against their religion, it will make them question their whole identity. Then who/what will they be?
  • It isn't "dirty pool" to question or criticize religion in general or a particular religion, nor is it even if you are respectfully discussing/debating religion with a person. I wouldn't even call it "dirty pool" if that person is a stranger who approached you uninvited to engage in some belief-pushing (proselytizing). However, I'm against proselytizing either way, so I don't think you should walk up to someone and try to alter his/her personal beliefs. His/her personal beliefs are his/her right, and none of your business. Such an action is that of a pompous ass, whether you are proselytizing for religion, a particular religion, against religion, or against a particular religion. AR (not to be confused with Confucius) say, "Mind your own business, and respect individual self-determination and liberty."
  • Your question is your own answer. Your attitude is one of condescending superiority toward those that follow a religion. You accuse them of being dishonest and/or of inferior intelligence. (Someone who follows something that they know to be be wrong has to have something wrong with them). Most people find it rather offensive when others don't show them the respect that they are due as human beings. You can keep making these attacks on people of faith, but all you are doing is show your own arrogance.
  • I don't think it is dirty pool to question a person's beliefs, I do however think it's for the most part pointless. You can't argue with "faith" because it's like arguing with a wall. People of faith have intentionally blinded themselves to all other possibilities and do not want to listen to arguments that challenge thier faith, especially when those arguments are well-reasoned, logical arguments. Faith is completely illogical and can easily be attacked using logical argument, the problem is getting them to open thier ears and listen to it.
  • Likely because the questions are posed as rudely as yours is.
  • I like your question and I am also one that knows of what you are trying to say...and agree 100%. Of course it depends on which side of the fence you are asking this. The religious always say that their particular faith is being dragged through the mud all the time. And we know that is NOT true because they do get preferential treatment with no just reason.
  • just what you said above, they cannot back their claims, so they just dont want to hear it, tho they expect us atheists to.
  • Simply put,it's bad manners.
  • Well that's a fairly impolite way to ask this question. "We" don't all know that deep down it's a load of bull, and to make such a statement is exceedingly rude to those who think otherwise. The truth is that you or I don't know any better than anyone else whether a religion is true or not, so who are you to say that your beliefs (or lack there of) are more accurate that others? It is one thing to question or criticize out of true curiosity or desire to learn, but it is quite another to do it just to make yourself sound right or because you don't like someone else's beliefs, and that's what this sounds like to me. The former is okay to do, the latter I would say is "dirty pool" because it is unnecesarily hurtful and simultaneously stupid. And it is not "polite" society that avoids the wrong way to criticize, it is anyone that has any manners at all. It is "polite" to let other people believe what they want, and rude to criticize them directly without provocation or reason.
  • It's a cop out, a way to appear righteous while dodging a question they can't answer or an issue they don't know how to handle. Yes, they expect the rest of the world to believe as they do, in the past, they have enforced this perceived right and obligation on the point of a sword today, they're resulting to the "oh, you offend me" BS
  • they cant take criticisms on something that has been pounded into their brains since they started to walk. imagine, someone telling you that your whole life your parents and family and friends have been lying to you (intentionally or not), and that youve wasted a large portion of your life on a fairy tale!. it is easier to NOT accept the facts rather then have your whole world flipped on its ass. (AND now to the answer) that is why "polite society is expected to not expose the fact"... its an emotional shock to many people. people either get really upset, angry, or block it out. do i agree with this, NO. is it the unfortunate reality of today. YES. :( :(
  • Perhaps a better question is why it's ok to criticize a person's religious beliefs but not their sexual orientation. fyi deep down I believe in God

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