• i wear glasses and i love them, i think glasses are sexy. when i was a kid i didnt like them and used to get teased alot in school. one day this boy i liked told me to take them off because i look ugly with them, and his friend sai no keep them on you look pretty with them on and since that day i never felt ashamed to wear myglasses
  • I love my glasses!! I have contacts but rarely ever wear them! It doesn't matter to me whether or not a man wears glasses, it really all depends on the person though. Some people can wear them well, and some can't!
  • No offense, but whether a person is a "four-eyes, is totally insignificant concerning that person's value as a human being. Anyone who is concerned about such a subject most likely has a poor self-image.
  • I can look like the naughty teacher. (And yes, I do wear glasses. They are new.)
  • I think they enhance my natural animal magnetism;)
  • I don't care what others think. I like to be able to see!

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