• 9 outta 10 times yes and if I dont take a list then sure enough I WILL forget half of the stuff I went to the store for in the first place LoL
  • Yes, and then leave it in the car.
    • Army Veteran
      That's a good one. ?
  • no, i walk up and down almost every ail, that way i can see everything and what sales are going on.
  • No, because they're just the same anyway: juice, soap, deodorant. Sometimes I buy chocolates, but I try to avoid them because I think they are the cause of my occasional pimples. My mom and my sister take care of the other stuff.
  • If I don't, I forget some of the essential items and end up with lots of stuff that I never intended to buy.
  • Only if I have 5+ items to buy.
  • I don't really need to, i pretty know what I need, and if I forget it it clearly wasn't that important. If I really want it that badly I can always go back... but i like to avoid browsing for stuff that i don't need, its a waste of money that i don't have. Although Mum does the shopping with a list and still gets bags of things that wont get used...
  • Very rarely.
  • Yes, I would be lost without it especially if I'm picking up things for a recipe I'm making.
  • I prefer to go to the store that is truly vertical. I can't stand listing floors and walls, and the trolley runs away.
  • Yeah, but that doesn't mean I stick to it...
  • no, but i go everywhere else with one. LOL.. Just kidding
  • I usually make a list. But most of the time it gets left on the counter.
  • probibly should... but... i dont.. then i waste loads of money, on thing i dont need...
  • No but I should because when I get home I remember that I forgot "the main item" I went to the store for in the first place.
  • I have to, or I'll forget things too easily. Plus, it also helps in the other sense, to keep me from going nuts and just blowing money on whatever strikes my fancy. Of course, many times I have kept a detailed shopping list, only to forget to take it with me when I leave for the store. :(
  • I Usually have a list that I've been working on for days, one that I add things as I find that I need them. Add a few items and I'm off to the store.
  • I only use mental lists.
  • I make one..... then 97% of the time forget to take it for one reason or another!!!
  • Most of the time but end up forgetting something on the list.
  • No, the shopping list is usually still sitting on the kitchen table when I get to the store.
  • Yes, I do...I can never remember everything we need. But a lot of the times, I forget to write something on the list, too!
  • yes i usually do or i WILL forget something or another
  • Always. No list means I'd have to go back every few days to get what I forgot to get.
  • I usually go to drugstore , supermarket with a list. Sometimes I deviate from the list if I see something I i mpulsively want to buy. However the list helps me keep that tendency down.
  • yes so I don't forget anything
  • Oh yes, always. That's the only way to stay in the budget if you don't have a lot of money.
  • I've started making lists on my phone for the different stores. (Aldi, Walmart, thrift store) I usually have a list in my head but I have a theory that the more I learn the more stuff falls out of my head. And I don't often have transportation to the store so its not like I can just run to the store whenever I want and get what I forgot. I don't always get everything on the list and I sometimes even forget things on the list, and forget to put things on the list so its not infallible.
    • dalcocono
      I always go thru the stores sales paper, and write down the things that I want that are on special. or that the send me a "digital coupon for. Then I got to section of "managers specials" to see if there are any good deals there too. Then I only purchase what is on my list and avoid impulse shopping. Saves me money.
    • mushroom
      ^ It pays to be disciplined*. *Mostly
    • Linda Joy
      I usually only go to Walmart and Aldi for groceries. I look at the Aldi flyer Wednesday morning online and make my list on my phone. But I also get 5 meals per week delivered at noon now (Meals on Wheels). And I keep some pantry items because I don't get to the store every week. Sometimes only once a month. And sometimes I'm donated a box with 5 meals once a month. I put those in the freezer and use them on weekends or for supper on occasion. So I really don't need a lot of groceries. I just can't eat the greens they send in the meals so sometimes I get a bag of spinach. I can stomach that. I got a couple of pork roasts last week that were on sale at Aldi. I cooked them portioned them and put them in the freezer. They will probably last me all winter. I'm looking forward to some hearty soups and stews with winter coming. Soups are also good for throwing in the overcooked veggies I sometimes get in the meals.
  • always
  • yes, on my phone
  • Absolutely.
  • Often. Not always. (Sometimes I just keep a "short list" in my head...and sometimes I forget items on that list...)
  • If you mean grocery store or supermarket yes I enter with a shopping list.
  • some times i have a list if its a special occasion and i really need the things on the list. but most times i dont have a list
  • Yes but not physically because I have the list in my head

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