• I have been told by people that I know that have dual citizenship that yes, it is advisable in most areas especially in the less traveled areas.
  • Yes and no. LOL
  • most people who have dual citizenship travel with both, but it depends on where they are going to and from. Example. People who are citizens of a Caribbean country and have US Citizenship as well, travel out of their own country on their US Passport (they don't need a visa to the US), but they travel back from the US to the home country on their home country passport. They also don't who both at exit and entry points.. much depends again on the country of origin and destination. Some countries don't allow dual citzenship, so this is part of the problem.
  • the question is do dualies "have to" carry both, and the answer is clearly no. They can opt to do so, but there is no rule that requires any dualie to carry both. They may do as they please.
  • Its better to carry one as having to many passports if caught, you may be taken in as suspect for espionage. Today's oversea traveling is so sensitive on matters of security.Yes you may get away with it; but after going through a lot of trouble to explain your status ,probably may even have to involve your various embassies to help you out.
  • Well i have 2 passports (American and Peruvian)and anytime i travel i take them both...just to be on the safe side in case something happens...
  • You can use the passport from your original country of birth,or can use both passports from each country.
  • They can travel on either visa. My daughters are dual citizens. When my s/o went to Colombia there was a time limitation that they could stay as americans. They used thier Colombian passports instead and thier stay was indefinite. Its always best to carry both to avoid problems and get assistance from either government in case of an emergency.
  • My boss is a British citizen and an American. He carries both and uses both depending on which one will get him through the customs line quicker. He was advised to carry both just in case he needed to get into embassies or consulates abroad.
  • I am dual citizenship and I always only carry one passport. When I have a British passport I am British and nothing else. When I have a Canadian passport I am Canadian and nothing else. I find it better to carry only one passport at at time, as if you have two it confuses the customs officers and arouses suspicion.

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