• I'm one - so I guess I'm not here :-) And for some reason some boob gave you a -2 so I gave you my +3.
  • That was a ridiculous question now wasn't it?! If you really want an imaginary friend all you need to do is ask, Mandie. :D
  • I'll gladly support you :D
  • I'm one , too! I got your back!
  • Count me in...
  • I'd be proud to be one of your imaginary friends. I am an athiest and an agnostic. I alternate! Will that work for you? How can someone not believe in athieists? That's like not believing in grocery clerks.
  • Nope im not a christian, in fact im rather against any beliefs in God - not being judgemental. I just prefer the aspects of science than religion.
  • Ah yes, I took part in a very long comment-discussion on the top answer of that question. I'm a "weak" atheist - I lack a believe in a god or gods, but don't actively disbelieve. More specifically, I'm a philosophical skeptic, which means I simply am reserving my judgement on the question of the existence of a god or gods (and really any question that comes along) until I can be certain; until then, all I can say is that I honestly don't know. Which, incidentally, is different from an agnostic, who believes that the question of gods is unknowable and unanswerable. I don't deny that the knowledge may be possible to attain, although I'm a serious loss to imagine how it ever could be.
  • Hi! They're so mean... imaginary feelings! Humph! Imagine that.
  • First of all, how can you not believe in Atheists, since that is a noun in this language. There are athiests or people who claim to know that God does not exist. How can you prove that God does not exist when you claim to believe that? Prove it. You are asking people who believe in God to prove God does exist right? Since that cannot be proven to you, how can you prove to me that God does not exist? I dare you to try.
  • I am not an atheist, but I really don't understand how anyone can say they don't believe in atheists. Does not compute. So here is your answer, supporting your right to believe what you wish and to "believe" in you.
  • I hate to have to inform you of this, but we really are all figments of your imagination. :P
  • I promise to never pray for you if you promise to never pray for me.
  • Huh! Boy, you are blonde! Woooooo!
  • For an imaginary friend you look very sweet.

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