• hopefully they'll delete it
    • Linda Joy
      I'm hoping they fix it so we can answer it.
  • I think a lot of those might be carryover from the old AB. The old AB had a lot more "features," so questions with a long description were not that uncommon. On the new AB, the text covers up the "ANSWER QUESTION" button (or maybe all of the buttons). I'm not sure who moderates the new AB or how often they do it, but moderation was a great deal more visible on the old AB, although I'd guess that there was probably 200 times as much activity there than on this new AB.
    • Linda Joy
      Right. They've fixed them before. My son recommended ask Reddit, but small communities have their advantages as well. I only recently realized that some users don't know how to use the yellow flag. That's about all the moderation we have here, and it may take a day or two to be removed if they agree with the flag. This site used to be busier, or maybe it just seemed so until I figured out to whom each of the characters belonged. That's sometimes fun in itself. But it does tend to drop off in the summer. And a lot of people only check in every month or 6 mos or so. And from what I hear there are more voyeurs than users. Maybe if the peepers and those that only answer would post a question or two or 6 each day we'd be back up to 200 times the activity we are now!

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