• yes, even ppl who are raped have erections and orgasms sometimes
  • im gonna go ahead and say no to that one. there is no way that i would willingly have sex with another man. two reasons. first being, i dont swing that way. the second, my equipment would cease to function.
  • I was dating a guy for a few months that ended up having sex with a tranny. The person was dressed as a woman, but with a penis. He tells me there is no way he could ever have sex with a regular guy and I believe him. I think he really likes the anal stuff, which I could not provide, nor am I into, but I don't think he's gay. It depends on the person...more and more people like experimenting these days. To each his own.
  • Being straight isn't like being blind or Jewish. It's not a yes/no category but a general term for someone that prefers the opposite gender the majority of the time. If a guy only dated girls, but occasionally had sex with men, I'd say he's mostly straight. A straight guy might be turned on by a guy because of the fact that he's straight. The taboo of being with a guy, the wrongness he might feel about, could be the very reason he would want to do it. Humans often want things simply because they think they aren't supposed to have it.
  • Yes, men in prison do it all the time. Note that this does not change their orientation one bit, since this is behavior.
  • I was once a straight man who had sex with another man and enjoyed it. I have cum with a penis in my ass, a few times and it feels awesome. I now have had as many if not more encounters with men as i have with women. I love getting anal, and getting it filled up, just like some women enjoy their vagina's filled up.
  • anything is possible

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