• Yes, you can keep a rabbit out side over the winter. You will need to provide suitable housing for your rabbit you will need the right sized hut for you bunny please read the listed link This site will explain how to size the bunnies winter home. You will also have top provide straw and other thing for bunny to make a nest to keep warm. Please read this When purchasing a home make sure it has an area that allows the bunny to get out of the wind. I have posted a picture for you to get and idea of what is needed. You may also look at this link as it explains the picture in detail
  • i have had alot of rabbits and they all stayed outside after about 2 months of age, in a hutch and they were fine,
  • Yes, you can keep a rabbit outside during the winter, but as always you should make sure the rabbit is protected from the elements as well as from predators. If you choose to keep you rabbit outside during the winter, remember that their body has to adjust to the climate, so try not to constantly bring your rabbit in and out too often because constant temperature changes will stress out your rabbit, and may make him or her sick. I hope this helps. For more great tips visit:
  • Rabbits can live outdoors through a pretty cold winter but they do need warm, dry, especially DRY, shelter. And it's sometimes hard to keep their water from freezing. During the warm weather we use the drip waterers but during the winters when it freezes, we use crocks and add give them fresh water each day. We rotate crocks so they can thaw out. If it's really cold and breezy, don't think of keeping your rabbits in a wire bottomed hutch as the breeze blowing up can chill your rabbits. And don't expect them to breed or raise young when it's really cold. To acclimate your rabbits to the cold make sure they go through their late summer molt outside, usually now, around august. This way they will get ready to grow a good heavy coat for the winter. If you bring an indoor rabbit to the outsie abruptly they haven't had the chance to develop a good heavy fur coat.
  • I always kept mine inside.
  • I had a rabbit in southern Ohio and we always kept him outside. He had a hut he could go into to protect him from wind and rain. It never hurt him any, he seemed to like it in fact.
  • My family had rabbits that lived oudoors all year. They burrowed in the summer so they had a place to go if they got cold. And their fur coat helps :-)
  • I used to keep my rabbits outside year round. I gave them a wood box for them to hide in incase it got cold and would give them straw in their boxes for insulation. rabbits will grow a winter coat if it is cold.I found my rabbits liked it alot better outside then in. but remeber to keep fresh water outside. I would water once in the morning and at night because otherwise the water froze.I also gave them their water in heavy bowls so when the water did freeze they could at least chew on the ice untill later on in the day they got more water. I also gave them corn in addition to the pellet feed.
  • proberbly best to keep them in a shed or garage that way they wont get cold from the wind and maybe a babys size blanket for the bed which are great for keeping them warm or you can get them a bed from ebay just type in rabbit bed i have one my rabbit loves it or an old towel
  • A rabbit is never safe.

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