• This sounds like a little-kid question, so I'll give a little kid answer first: they just are. More scientifically, height is determined by the interaction of several different genes. For simplicity's sake, assume each gene has two versions (or alleles), one resulting in a taller person and one resulting in a shorter person. A person with a whole lot of "tall" alleles will end up tall, a person with a whole lot of "short" alleles will end up short, and someone with some of each will end up medium height. Because both types of alleles are fair evenly distributed among the population, heights tend to follow a bell-curve (or "normal") distribution.
  • Many reasons. The genes play a large factor, and some genetic conditions that make you very tall or very short can also make you very SICK. Nutrition is also a key player. And, if you eat milk or meat, they are likely loaded with growth hormones that can accelerate growth and make puberty come earlier. (And cause major medical problems later). Stress, activity, obesity, and sunshine can also play a role in how tall you get, but likely a minor one.
  • Height is to do with genetics you mainly take it from your mum or dad.I my case i got mine from my grandmother has it can actually jump a generation. My family are.... MUM----------------------5'7 DAD----------------------5'8 ME-----------------------4'10 Y.SISTER-----------------5'6 Y.SISTER-----------------5'8 Y.BROTHER----------------6'2 Y.BROTHER----------------6'4. I ended up being the oldest and shortest in my family.I couldnt even blame it on my sisters and brothers taking all the height gene has i was first.I was quite lucky to be in the sme company of my grandmother she was 5'2 in her younger days now she is in her 90's she is just under 5'0.I only have 1 other aunt who is shortish she is 5'1 and an uncle who is 5'3.It is just a matter of checking out your family including grandparents.
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