• Sadly, I am not the least bit shocked. Disgusted yes, shocked, no. My parents certainly would never have let me behave this way in public and they never would have behaved so indifferently and rudely themselves.
  • Remember the savages I referred to earlier?
  • The apple doesn`t fall very far from the tree.
  • Ugh... one of the reasons I really hate people sometimes. I worked in a department store for many years as a teenager, and people would act like this on a daily basis, especially around Christmas. It was nauseating to see the absolute lack of respect and manners that some people are capable of.
  • I think parents this day and age suck. Parents today seem to think it is a popularity contest. Of cousre they have to use all these feel good politically correct methods. God forbid they scold or spank the kid. That may hurt their self-image.
  • Inexcusable. This behavior increases costs for all consumers and makes shopping less pleasant, as well.
  • I think those people should be strung up by their nipples and put on display for the whole town to throw fruit at. I hate people who don't even try to control their children, and I hate going shopping and just finding a bunch of open packaging.
  • Parenting has went down over the years; many don't take responsibility for their own actions and of course they don't take responsibility for their children or the children's actions. These people weren't ready to take the responsibility or the time it takes to be a good parent.
  • I think this is one of the reasons why things cost alot more these days, the reason why security is far more prevalant and they play a far more intrusive role. I think the parents are setting their children up for a life without things like manners or consideration for the belongings of others. We need to be mindful that till we purchase items they belong to the store, not us so we're actually damanging the things belonging to others. I think also that the store needs to be more mindful and preventative of that kind of damage. Perhaps their staff need to be more watchful and even put up signs stating that anyone entering the store does so with the full knowledge that they will be responsible for purchasing any items damaged and that if not intending to buy, they should not be opening up items from their packaging.
  • I think their parents are morons who are going to reap what they sow when those kids become teenagers, if not before. That's what happens when you're too busy doing a rectal self exam;)
  • It seems the older I get, the less parents seem to discipline or control their children. Certainly, I don't mean all parents. But, for those parents who do act oblivious or seem to not care how obnoxious their children are, are they afraid to discipline? Don't know how to? Raised by similar parents? Afraid if they do discipline, that people will think they are being abusive? There is a big difference between being abusive and beating a child, and simply spanking a child and trying to get them to behave. My parents raised me to know the difference and to behave myself, say please and thank you and be respectful of others. Why does that seem to be such a difficult task these days?

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