• by keeping them regular brushed this helps to stop them smelling so bad and releases their natural oils. with mine sometimes i wipe over the top of the coat with a baby wipe. this has never irritated her. if the dog is a full male (balls intact). then you wont get rid of the smell.
  • Febreze works really good. Your dog may object at first, but will not object, later.
  • The "Rule of Thumb" is that NO dog should be bathed often, as it strips the coat of healthy oils. Brush grooming is paramount for all dogs, if you want to stimulate a healthy coat, reduce shedding, and cut back on stink. But, also consider...if your dog has excessive body or breath oder that is foul...the food the dog gets will contribute to will any PRODUCTS you use ON the dog! Most dogs have some negative allergic reactions to most traditional flea and tick treatments... These standard treatments are TOXIC. (they are used to kill fleas and ticks after all). Each time they are applied...they ARE (to some degree) being exposed to are YOU and your family when you pet, hug..touch your dog. Neems Oil is a NON TOXIC treatment that does keep fleas, ticks and skeeters off of your animals...AND comes in the oil form (which you can add about 8 drops to a water bottle sprayer and use on animals and humans safely) Shampoo, conditioner and bar soap. You can usually find Neems products at your local health food store...such as Whole Foods, or your local store might order it for you. OR you can run a Google on line for it. Vaccines can also contribute to canine stink. Because some dogs are allergic to them as well. Plus, random tests of vaccines used on both humans and animals have shown them to (sometimes) contain other ingredients that are NOT supposed to be in them...such as: Hair (human/animal/rat) Feces (human and rat), Skin, (human and animal), and Mercury. Our beloved Chocolate Lab, Coffee, was allergic to GRASS! If we let her lay in it..which she loved to lay out on the grass for a "sunbath" at times, she would first develop red welts on her belly...then it would get worse...resulting in Ear Infections and horrible stench! It took about a year of trial and error to figure out WHAT EXACTLY was causing this problem, as both food and other allergies could also have been the cause! Remember too...depending upon the quality of this dog's breeder...some dogs can genetically be lacking in better health qualities...often dogs from Puppy Mills or if their parents or Grandparents came from Puppy Mills...they are NOT going to be of good blood lines...these poor dogs of irresponsible breeding...(including back yard breeders) simply were not given a lot of consideration in the choosing of their bloodlines and so often have challenges and issues that their better bred types may not have...not the dog's fault and no absolute promise that they personally are not a great and wonderful dog...only that they are often predisposed to having challenges. A monthly bath is generally ok, every other month is better...and every three months better still. Always be sure to read your product ingredients for shampoos and conditioners used on your dog. A lot of the ones made for dogs aren't that great really...there are a few brands that use organic and more natural ingredients...these are what I suggest my clients use. If your Feed has corn in it...I'd dump that and look for either grain free, or one with oatmeal or brown rice...and see if he doesn't do better with that. You can also Goggle HOMEMADE feed...there is a lot of information available for this, and it often seems to help dramatically in improving many dog's health over all...including doggie smell!
  • Brush him/her often to get all the dead hair out. I would use a dryer sheet and wipe mine down. He got used to the smell. Also, if you have an outside dog, you can use cedar chips for his bedding.

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