• It should be a human right issue for people should be able to marry regardless of sex, it is part of living in a free society and have choices.Since it is not hurting anyone,it is no one's business if they want to be legally married.In a free nation ,freedom of expression is a human rights issue.
  • it should be! But unfortunatley this world is run by neo-con tyrants
  • Well, it is. It is a basic human rights issue - when any group of citizens is denied the rights given to the larger community on the based of bigotry and prejudice. People of different races who wanted to get married in the US were also denied marriage rights up until the mid 1960s in some places. But fortunately, we got past that hatred as well.
  • Because a lot of people consider gays to be less-than-human. In fact, I could name some people around this website that think this. Yeah, I know, it's crazy, right?
  • It is obvious that there are people with "alternate" sexual preferences. These people love just as deeply as anyone else and should be allowed to express that love in the same ways as anyone else. I am not gay and really do not understand a gay preference, but that does not mean I don't think that a gay couple should not be able to enjoy the same rights to make the same commitments to each other as anyone else. There was a time I didn't feel this way, despite having gay friends, but I understand more now than I did at the time. Sorry, Nelson, I guess this doesn't answer your question, but the truth is..I don't know why it is not a basic human rights issue. I don't think it should be an issue at all.
  • Because we have conservatives that think Americans should still be walking around with skirts to our toes and our hair in a bun. A majority are a group of white male pigs that think they can drag women into their caves by the hair still. They like the idea of making ppl think that white males are superior and that we should bow down and kiss their...well you know whats...Yes I am a straight, white, female, but I see the error of these ways and it ticks me off to no end...
  • I think it should be. I have not been able to understand the whole issue, since it seems like such a no-brainer to me. How can love be wrong, no matter who loves whom? And, most puzzling of all is how same sex marriage could possibly affect man/woman marriage. It's a mystery.
  • It is.
  • Gay marriage is a fairly "new" issue for this nation. More states will follow suit with what other states are doing in the coming years. My company allows you to have a same-sex partner on your insurance plan so the world is definitely catching up and there are strides being made. Give it time, it will certainly be incorporated into the list of basic human rights for all people.
  • It should be, (and really is) but sadly, the politicians find the issue too useful as tool to stop exploiting it.
  • nelson how can it not be? the government has passed laws that the only purpose of which is to limit my rights so the minority of Christians can justify their bad interpretation of the bible. the congress has told the military that it's ok to hire gay people as long as they hide for six years. if a straight couple gets married in antarctica it is recognized in all fifty states but the states have the option of recognizing gay marriages.
  • Because life is unfair to the LBGT
  • Marriage was instituted as a blessing from GOD, joining man and woman (whom he created for each other) together for a sacred bond. Just F.Y.I. for those who want to understand the roots of marriage. I don't have a problem with them getting married in a court of law though. They deserve the same rights as married couples if they plan on devoting themselves to each other for the rest of their lives.
  • Because the government won't stay out of our bedrooms. What two consenting adults choose to do with their lives is their business. Being gay doesn't harm anybody at all. Gay people pay taxes just like straight people and they should have the right to marry. I am disgusted right wing conservatives make decisions for the rest of us but it happens and it sucks. It is their redneck mentality that Gays are not equal and don't deserve rights. Mostly,they are disillusioned from their misinterpretations of the bible. .
  • I felt the previous answer (In the form of a question): "How can love be wrong, no matter who loves whom?" to be most true to me... I second that!
  • Because it has not been proven that it is not a "choice". Laws or human rights cannot be based on preferance because that opens a door that is extremely hard to shut.
  • As far as i know, it is part of religion, TO ME, and there is a separation of state & church.
  • Basically because there are people (eg in Burma)who mhave much more pressing needs for "basic" human rights than people who can vote, go to school, hold a job, buy a house etc but feel that they are denied basic rights because they haven't got a piece of paper that says "Married". With all due respect towards homosexuals, for the last 30 years society has been saying that marriage is not a necessary thing, and people can be devoted to each other while just living what is the need for the piece of paper now?
  • Because marriage is not a trait you are born with.
  • Because marriage isn't considered a "basic human right."
  • Depends upon in which country you live. In the US, it's called the Constitution and how it's interpreted. Then you have your state Constitutions. Basically, YOU (collective you) have voted as such over the years through electing your respective representatives and going beyond that your Presidents who nominate Supreme Court Justices who lay down the law.
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