• Yes, I had to. When I was about 12 years old I went bike-riding with some friends and on the way down a hill a stick rode up my front tire and locked in the braking mechanism. My front tire came to a dead stop and I went flying forward, flipping my bike over my head. My legs got tangled in the bike and I basically slid on the left side of my face on the side of the road (dirt and gravel on the shoulder). I split my forehead open and had road rash all down the left side of my face. I stayed home from school for about a week, but had to go back with a big band-aid on my forehead to cover the stitches above my left eye. I had two black eyes and stitches in my leg too. I was taken to the hospital by ambulance that day...nearly totalled my bike too. Thank god for the helmet regulations nowadays. I was lucky I didn't get a concussion.
  • I didn't. But my daughter banged her nose on the curb when she was 8 and had to get seven stitches. I bought the loudest, most colorful band-aids I could find and made it a game. We matched the band-aid to her clothes. She loved it and never complained about having to wear a band-aid on her face.
  • Never a band-aid. But I had surgery on my throat last summer and I had bandages on it for about a month. It bothered me at first.
  • nope,i haven't
  • Yes. Many times. Especially my neck.
  • Probably, yes definitely!

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