• Punish them they punished me more. My father would not hear of anything punished me for being late every day. I been punished more by parents then I ever punished them to which I cannot think of one thing that would be a punishment to them.
    • Linda Joy
      I asked that question as well, hun. You may have to look for it.
    • Linda Joy
      Here it is:
  • My father was always an angry man and not very fun to hang out with. After he refused to support me getting an early start in the business world I began to subtly encourage the rest of the family to give him the cold shoulder. It worked too well. It hurt his feeling that his family didn't like his being around and I never was able to fully reverse the influence to treat him that way. I still feel bad about that.
    • Linda Joy
      Well if it's any consolation it was always their choice how they treated him. But more likely they chose to do it because of who he was and how he treated people than any other factor.
    • Anoname
      They were much kinder to him before I turned them all against him. Wish I hadn't.
  • i didnt punish them, they punished me

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