• The cheapest with the most space, because the more space, the more songs it will hold. I think it's done in g/b; anyway an mp3 player that only holds 30 songs for £15 isn't too gooder deal because for like £5 more you can usually obtain one which holds about double the amount of songs.
  • it does depend a great deal upon what music provider you use. obviously, for itunes you have limited options. for napster i recommend creative zen. i've had mine for quite a while and the only trouble i've gotten from it is when i've dropped it ;). but a bit of duct tape and it was good to go. i've dropped it loads and it's still in decent shape. it holds 1500+ songs (from my experience) and is around $200 (again from my experience). it also has the regular features like shuffle, etc, plus FM radio. and it comes in really cute colors.
  • Depends on the size you want. The MobiBlue cube is one of the smallest with 1 or 2GB storage and onlt 1 inch square. Very nice and it hangs around your neck instead of having to strap it on somewhere
  • After quite extensive research, I'd have to say the Sandisk Sansa e200 series. It comes in four different sizes, 2, 4, 6, and 8 GB. Prices range from 109-179$. This player is easy to use, with a very similar button layout to the ipod. Loading music is simple drag and drop with windows explorer. Photos and video's are converted with the provided software, then just as easily transferred. Unfortunately you do need Windows XP to convert photos and videos. This player also has good quality voice recording, FM radio, and FM radio recording. All of these things are very simple to do. It also has a microSD expansion slot where you can insert a memory card loaded with extra music to listen to. Overall, I love my sansa. I bought the 4GB e260, and it's worked well for the three weeks I've had it. I have Windows 2000, so initially I had trouble with photos, but Sandisk has great customer support and replies within a day. Other than that, I've had no problems with it and love the sleek design. It is the best mp3 player I'm aware of, and has a great price.

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