• Hey I want to suggest you some of the earphones brand which are of best quality and also very much valuable . They are affordable , light weighted , having crystal clear sound , cloth knitted wires and also wireless . Philips , JBTEK ,Sony , Boat They all are wireless plus affordable . I am also using JBTEK from the past 1 year and its working very good . I am completely satisfied with the quality as per the price . You can also try them buy this from here
    • Roaring
      Thanks for the lead. Il check them out.
  • These Symphonized XTC 2.0 are IMO by far the best value in ear buds. Sound is awesome and very well made.
  • The Costco hearing aids are pretty well known for good quality and a very reasonable price. Most guys I know who use hearing aids got them from Costco or from the VA.
  • you could try goggling it on amazon, they sell everything

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