• While serving in the military I was shot in the leg which broke out about two inches of my Femur.
  • It's amazing that as clumsy as I am that I've only broken toes 3 times. But the last 2 times, it was the same toe twice in 4 months.
  • I have broken 2, my ulna and a toe. The toe was worse! :)
  • I broke my ankle sliding in wet grass running for the bus at school until I hit the sidewalk and stopped sliding. That was the first time I noticed there were so many bumps on my ride home from school.
  • My left humerus was broken for me. I was 13 and I just was let out of school and my summer vacation just started. My brother and the two next door neighbor boys were playing dodge ball in their yard. I don't know what possessed me but I threw a baseball that was lying around and hit 15 year old David in the nads. He was on the football team, he ran after me and tackled me and I suffered my break that way. My whole summer was shot and I had to wear a cast and didn't have fun with the rest of the kids on the block that year. Then I started my new school year in a new school and since my family was getting and then got divorced, I moved out of the suburbs that was my home into the inner city of Buffalo NY and had to start over. This caused me severe emotional distress and led to my introverted adolescence. Here is a Google Earth image of where I grew up. the star points to the back yard.
  • Crushed big toe that the pieces only sort of fused together. There was no setting the bones, just healed up solid.
  • Shattered my heel bone hopping off a four foot ledge DR. said they normally see breaks that bad only from multi-story falls and highway speed car accidents. It took a metal plate and 8 screws to put it back together! I Couldn't put my foot on the ground for three months, and for a year my work restrictions were could not stand or walk more than 1 hour per day! I will prob never run again and climbing a ladder is out as well! This fluke changed my life completely, had to change job, hobbies and pretty much everything else!
  • This wasn't a break but, I dislocated my shoulder one night while drunk. I was on the front of a shopping cart while my other drunk friend pushed me. We went over a speed bump really fast and the front end of the shopping cart flipped forward. I went flying off superman style and landed, sort of on my armpit. When I hit the ground I heard a loud click. I got up and couldn't move my left arm and the skin on my chest and neck felt all weird and stretched. Another one of my friends who was there at the time looked at me and said "Dude! What the f*** is wrong with your arm?!" I looked at it and realized my hand was backwards. The guy pushing the shopping cart came up to me and looked at it and said "It's cool man, you're cool. I got this." He turned me around so my back was facing him. The whole time he was saying "It's cool man, it's cool, you're fine." At this point he had stepped back like 6 feet. He got a running start and punched me in the back of the dislocated shoulder. Oddly enough, that popped it right back in to place. I grabbed my shoulder and look at my friend and said "That really hurts." Then the second wave of pain hit, which doubled me over. Then the third wave of pain which traveled up my neck and made me black out. I woke up in the parking lot about a minute later sweating like crazy and in horrible pain. The first friend that asked what was wrong with my arm just kept saying "Are you ok?! O man! Are you ok?!" Meanwhile the guy who popped my shoulder back in to place was just saying "He's fine. You're fine, get up, we need to get more beer!" I stood up and walked home. The next morning I woke up and walked in to the bathroom. My shoulder was swollen and had a ring of purple black and blue all around it. Later on in the week I would go to the doctor and he would tell me that my shoulder was put back in to place perfectly. I never needed surgery. It still bothers me sometimes today, it's part of the reason I work out so much. If I don't workout, it tends to hurt much much more.
  • collar bone
  • I broke the same leg twice and the same arm twice. All 4 times were painful, I can't pick a favorite.
  • Just broke my collarbone. Only broken bone in forty years !!!!
  • I fell down and braced myself for the fall with my right arm straight. I almost broke both bones out of the skin. They did have to re-break them when I went to the hospital. It's still out of place a little. LOTS of fun.
  • I've broken many. I would say the worst for pain was having my big toe broken and pointing at about a 45 degree angle. The other would be when I got hit by a cab while crossing the street and having my foot run over. A couple of broken bones there. Walked on it for about a week before going to a doctor. Both required surgery.
  • I completely shattered my left big toe. There was a police officer visiting my neighbor when this accident occurred. After he drove me to the hospital, he thanked me for not bleeding in his car.
  • Definitely the worse pain.
  • My skull :)
  • I have only broken 1 bone. My middle finger right hand.
  • A green stick fracture of the right thumb!
  • Several busted ribs (several times), stress fractures in both feet. All military related. Hoorah!
  • Broke one of the bones in my foot. I guess that'll count as the worst, 'cause it's the only one ever.
  • I crushed my shoulder 25 years ago in a slip and fall on ice. The break was too close to the shoulder joint so the doc wouldn't put a cast on it. It took five months to get back 80% of the arm's movement. The pain was very excruciating so I ended up taking Purcocet for several months. It wasn't until 6 weeks after the accident when I could drive my car again.
  • I've broken many bones and all were painful at the time, but I seem to recall my collarbone break as being the most painful.
  • Since I've never broken a bone in my body, I'll have to say my brother's broken arm was the grossest thing I'd ever seen. He compound fractured his fore arm and the bone broke through the skin- It was both bleeding and gnarled...nasty
  • i drink about a half of gallon of milk a day-no i am not kidding! and i have never had a broken bone. So either i am real lucky or milk really does a body good:)
  • Second toe.Sadly,I am no longer "The Lord of the Dance".
  • I fell of an obsticale coarse in P.E my softmore year and broke my left arm in three places and one of the bones came through the skin. I had to have two plates and some screws putt in, a three day hospital stay(broke my arm the day before valentines day and was in the hospital on valentines day:() and had to wear a cast for three month! It has been a year and three months since the break and it still hurts!:(
  • In 2002 I had a bit of a fall while climbing down a steep hill. I broke 3 bones in my left ankle, 7 bones in my right foot, my pelvis in 2 places and 3 vertebrae in my back. The bones in my right foot were crushed into thousands of pieces, so they went in and vacuumed them out and gave me two cadaver bones. I need to carry a surgical implant card when I go to the airport because I have 2 large metal plates, and about 50 pins and screws :) Funny thing is, today I walk with no limp at all :)
  • Just a couple busted ribs in a military maneuver. I thought I had just pulled a muscle. A day or two later and it was clear the issue was bigger than that.
  • I fractured my left arm badly a few years ago when I rounded the corner of my house and slipped on a patch of black ice. I remember I was carrying bags of Christmas goodies (it happened just before Christmas), and with my arms full, I was oblivious to the dangers of winter. I fell with the weight of my body on my left elbow, and my upper left arm broke. It was soooo painful, and there was no one around to help me. I struggled on my knees to the door, inch by inch, in minus 20 degree weather. It was a pitiful sight, and all the Christmas goodies lay strewn all over the snowy yard, including some fruitcake! :)
  • Never had one.
  • I broke my collarbone when I was two . . . still bugs me to this day, (18 years later.)
  • When I was 8 my cousin came over. He and I were racing on bikes. I went around a tree too fast and I fell right on the end of my elbow. I heard it snap. We went and got X-rays and the doctor said I broke it on each side of my elbow and chipped the end of my elbow off. It hurt really bad. I wore a sling for I think 6 weeks.
  • No break but a fractured foot.
  • when i got ran over by a tractor. It crushed all my bones in my right foot.
  • When i was a year and a half i got up on the coffee table. My mom didnt want me there and grabbed my arm to get me down and i pulled and she ended up dropping me like 2 feet to the floor by accident and i cracked my tibia in half and needed a cast for like 5 months.
  • I have broken many bones in my life, but the worst was a vertebrae in my neck. I had to wear a device called a "halo brace" for 4 months to allow my neck to heal. A halo brace is wool lined plastic vest with 4 metal uprights that attach to a metal ring that is bolted to you head with four screws. It cannot be removed at all, it is worn 24/7 during the healing process.
  • the one that hurt the most and took the longest to heal was when I broke my two ribs but my ankles are hurting me more now because of the degegenerative joint disease/arthritis.
    • Rick Myres
      Sorry to know that. Praying for you.
    • Linda Joy
      Aw, thanks! That's sweet! I appreciate you.
    • Rick Myres
      You're welcome Linda.
  • A couple of ribs, it was painful just to breathe.
    • Linda Joy
      I coughed in my sleep that night and the rib shifted! It hurt so bad I thought I was having a heart attack! That was when my husband (at the time) took me to the hospital for my xray and diagnosis! Bless your heart, I'm sorry you had to go through that!
    • Linda Joy
      I've broken both collar bones, two ribs on the left side and both ankles... so far lol praying for my own protection now! Lol I don't heal as well or as easily as I used to!
  • My right knuckle when I hit a bed post with instead of the pillow I was trying to hit again.
  • The Shoulder, especially when I left it untreated for 4 days. Started to mend but it was separated from the shoulder. The ligaments in my chest were also ripped up the pain from that was the worst pain I ever had, worse than my heart stent thing.
    • Linda Joy
      Bless your heart! I'm sorry for your pain as well! I've hurt my shoulders too! Tore my right rotator cuff and my left shoulder was injured later when we got t-boned. But mine were minor compared to what yours sounds like.

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