• If you are thinking of declawing to protect a child or furniture than you can always get the nail caps that glue on over the claw. They cover the claw so it is not sharp but they don't hurt the cat.
  • You have to ask your vet. Be warned, some vets are against this (My vet cousin won't do this) My mom did it to one of her cats and she will never do it again. The cat bleed horribly.
  • Please don't make the cat suffer. It's not their fault. There are better alternatives to declawing such as nail caps. Check these guys out.
  • I think a kitten should not be declawed as it needs there claws to defend themselves. How would you feel if someone wanted to get you declawed?
  • If you de-claw your kitten/cat you might have a resentful animal for the rest of you life. training the cat to be gentle and learning to trim the claws is the best way to take care of your pet. the training will just bring you closer to your pet and ultimatly improve the relationship.
  • Never, there is always a risk of infection and problems with the feet. I would strongly suggest you seek other alternatives to this practice which I think should be outlawed.
  • I would also recommend against declawing, and vote in favor of nail caps or intensive behavioral training (i.e. reprimanding when furniture is scratched, etc). The human equivalent of declawing a cat is having all of the fingers chopped off at the first knuckle. Also, the trauma that can result from the procedure is extensive - claws are a cat's natural defense, and if they don't have them they will act out their aggression in other ways.
  • See this link. Declawing is illegal in many countries including UK,read this article to see why.
  • Please do not torture your kitten in order to save on furniture. There are many other ways to avoid that situation, one of them by keeping the cats nails clipped. Declawing is the most painful thing you can do to a cat. Most of them end up being biters after they are declawed because they have no other way to defend themselves. Many go through a total personality change after declawing. They become aggressive and unfriendly. You have some excellent advice from others so I won't bother including horrible pictures of what a declawing looks like. You would not like it and it is totally unnecessary which is why it is outlawed in so many places. Thank you for caring enough to learn about it before you took steps to do it. She will be a much happier kitty with her lovely manicured nails :)
  • Don't do that! It's mutilation -- the same as cutting off your fingers at the first joint. Be responsible and keep the little nails clipped.
  • if you don't like cats get a dog.

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