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  • Joel Downs My story, the short version: While going to school in Berkeley for Mechanical Engineering, I got sidetracked by computers and Internet technologies. I learned HTML on the web and SQL through internships at a couple of large companies in the Bay Area. After graduating, I started out as an Internet consultant for other companies. Soon after, I was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and founded a site called with Lyle and Dennis Fong in 1997. Gamers began as a gaming strategy site and sequentially evolved into a games portal, a comprehensive games database, and eventually into an e-zine complete with reviews, previews, and news. Long story. The site had excellent staff and a lot of energy, but the business model and Silicon Valley investing climate caught up with it in early 2000. I left in December of 2002 in search of new challenges. In early 2003 I came up with the idea for Answerbag - a site that I hope will provide information and help to people around the world. I designed it for one purpose: to be an information exchange tool, with no extra bells & whistles that don't directly contribute to this goal. I hope this site is of help to you - if you have comments or feedback, please feel free to email me or use the feedback link at the bottom of the page. Yours, Joel
  • My good friend God (and there is no god but Him) created Answerbag, and he does like to drop in every now and then... under the pseudonym 'Bob Blaylock'.
  • Joel Downs created AB, and yes, he's a member. This is his profile
  • I think it's AB-JOEL. He would be happy to hear that.
  • A jolly good fellow, by the name of Joel downs. He must be a creative lad, for his "monstrosity" keeps many people busy,and happy, all hours of the day. And to add, I hear he just got married, woo hoo! Congrats to the lucky gal, whom we have yet to meet... :)

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