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  • By declining to participate when in public. Should he ask why, you can refer him to the numerous (it sounds like) conversations you have had about this. Relationships are about compromise. He will have to give this one up. Frightening the horses in the street is not a smart idea. :o)
  • By saying, "Honey, I love (or care) for you very much but I am not comfortable with being affectionate in public. Can we keep that for when were alone? There isn't any reason to make it hard just tell him how you feel. Unless you already told him and he isn't listening. In that case you need to have a much more serious conversation about respect.
  • Just tell him the truth. I don't like PDA, either, and my boyfriend does. I don't see why I should have to prove to the people around me that I love him because I already know that deep down in my heart I really do.
  • Bullshit... For me, as a boyfriend, PDA is not about the "P" at all... I just want to display affection whenever I fucking want to (without being disrespectfull or inapropriate course...) An adversity to PDA is a problem when you don't live with your girlfriend/boyfriend, when you have limited time to see her alone and when she doesn't communicate as well verbally. Physical feedback like "displays of affection" are a very big deal and you guys should stop undermining its importance just because you think it's all about displaying to the public. Physical stuff is half the communication between couples (or whatever number of people are in the relationship) and it can make or unmake a relationship.
  • Here is my situation, I don't mind PDA when I don't know anyone around me, but...when I go out with my friends or know the people around me it's hard to display my affection towards my girlfriend. Also when other people PDA in front of me I get bothered. I feel that it's disrespectful as I let my friends know. I do agree with bichito with sometimes you don't have enough time to see your girlfriend because you don't live with them. I am in a long distance relationship and I am limited to seeing her whenever I want to.

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