• Dipole-dipole forces are found only between POLAR molecules, because "you gotta have a dipole to have dipole-dipole." Therfore the answer is: HCl. There is one bond, H-Cl. This bond is polar because the electronegativity difference is .8 (look at a table: H = 2.2, Cl = 3.0. Subtract to get .8) Since the only bond is polar, the molecule is polar. Because of this, HCl has both London forces and dipole-dipole forces. NOT H2 - There is one bond: H-H. This bond is non-polar because the electronegativity difference between the two atoms is zero (they are the same.) Since there is only one non-polar bond, the molecule is non-polar. For this reason, H2 can only have London forces.

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