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  • Accept it, have a good cry, and learn from it. It is not a good thing to bottle it up. Trust me.
  • You can't get rid of that but you can let yourself be healed and a nice way to be healed is to search yourself and get high on God. Then make ammends to those people whom you hurt and even to those who hurt you
  • See . Same thing.
  • Try to focus on all of the positives in your life, And with time you'll feel the pain less & less.
  • you dont, but it gets milder as you grow past it. pain sucks, but its what truly builds character and makes you more greatfull and grow as a person. "what doesnt kill you, makes you stronger"
  • yea all that works good. think about it in a positive way ( meaning what am i upset about? why? can i help it? What can i do to make myslef feel better?) i like (and this part may not help you specifically) a tall cold beer after a hard day, maybe a little love and affection from a nice, sweet, cute, girl ( or woman i should say, i AM 20 now) and some video games or t.v. to take my mind off everything. (whatever you do for fun would replace all that) i really hope you feel better or learn to cope with your feelings.
  • I fall on my bed and have a good cry. Then I am done with it.
  • Well, with me...It seems an eternal curse. Emotionally I suffer to an almost insane degree. But my fiction writing seems to benefit from it. I don't know how to get rid of it. Pray. If I knew, dear God I would do it. The idea of life ending as a method by which to end pain makes a go throughout my psyche quite frequently. But this is not a way to escape emotional pain. Really it is about letting go of those things we think we need. And sometimes we do need them but we have no capacity to obtain them or the time during which we needed to obtain them has ended permanently. We must accept. Write. Write. Write.
  • Time and the five stages- 1.deep depression(s/he broke up with me) 2.confusion(why did s/he breakup with me) 3.anger(well i'm going to get them back) 4.pity(they broke up with me, their loss) 5.ignorance("we can still be friends" or "i'm never see that person again"
  • it sucks, wish we could get a vaccine for it!! or some special pain killers!!
  • You have to feel your way through it. The reaction you have to the loss of a relationship is the same as that of the death of a loved one, only less, typically. See here: I had to look up the stages of grief for you in order to illustrate the point. It is also noteworthy that you don't go neatly through each of them. It is normal to go back and forth through them.
  • I don't think you ever get rid of it. The best most of us can hope for is to successfully box it up, to be taken out once in awhile and remembered, then put away again.
  • It never leaves. It kind of gets wrapped up over the years like cacoon, you'll always know its there, but life wraps it up and you can get on with your life, it takes time.
  • Emotional pain requires you to stop and think about yourself and what is bothering you. It requires you to feel uncomfortable before anything starts getting better and most people aren't willing to put themselves in the position to be scrutinized by themselves. So they tend to push it away and feign happiness. The only way to make it better is to start with yourself and learn to recognize what's wrong and how to fix it. That's the only band-aid solution for emotional pain.
  • bang your head a few times... works for me... ;)
  • depends on how deep the pain is, how long it has been there, what it was caused from, if you face the cause of that pain everyday of your life and if you face the damage it has done everyday of your life. if you do not know how, or can not find out how to release it then it is really hard. trust me cryin will help only soft, mild pain. i was raped when i was a child.... it has affected me in more ways than i ever thought possible and i bottled it up inside me for 15 years. time.... and cryin will never help me with my pain fast enough. find a way to let it go or it will hurt you more in the end.

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