• The horizontal lines represent your guitar strings: E (thinnest) ---------------- B (2nd) --------------------- G (3rd) --------------------- D (4th) --------------------- A (5th) --------------------- E (fattest) ----------------- The numbers on the lines represent which fret you put your finger in so: ----2----------------------- ---------------------------- ---------------------------- ---------------------------- ---------------------------- ---------------------------- would mean put your finger in the second fret of the high E string. Hope this helps
  • Guitarmans answer is great! Also, if you purchase an actual guitar tab songbook (instead of free tab online) there is usually a key in the beginning that shows you what pull offs and hammer ons and muted strings etc look like. I bet there are some good YouTube videos too. Just jump in and it becomes easy to figure out :) you can also use YouTube for tuning your guitar until you develop an ear for it, if you need to

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